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8 Best Bath & Home Safety Products To Help You Avoid Injury

By Mike Erichsen December 21, 2022 0 comments

As per the statistics found by National Safety Council in 2020 alone, 156,300 fatalities happened within home premises or communities. Falling was the primary cause of home deaths for those between 65 and 74 with a contribution of 42%. For those who are 70 and older, the number jumps up to 75%. You can reduce the chances of these injuries with bath and home safety products. 

What are some bath and home safety products that every home should have?

  1. Full Bed Railing 

When you’re sleeping it can, of course, be difficult to control how you move. Having a bed railing significantly reduces the risk of falling off the bed and seriously injuring yourself. It can also provide a sense of safety and security that helps you fall asleep easier. You can also use the bed railing to ease the pressure of shifting positions from lying down to sitting up. 

  1. Bath Safety Grab Bar

Increase your shower safety by grabbing this bar to ensure you don’t fall in the slippery shower. When you're stepping out of the shower, you can grab this bar to prevent slipping on the wet shower floor. This easy-to-assemble bar is beneficial to people of all ages as well as people with disabilities. 

  1. Bed Cane

A bed cane helps ease the burden of transitioning from a seated position to a standing position. A built-in organizer that lets you store your essential belongings within arm's reach. It's sturdy enough to support 300 lbs. It’s a great way to gain a sense of independence and reduce the risk of injury.  

  1. Momentum Bath Mat

A textured bath mat that helps you feel secure and safe in the bathroom. It’s made of a soft rubber material with a matte surface that properly secures your feet to prevent slips. The textured foot scrubbing areas gently massage and exfoliate your feet for increased comfort. It’s infused with Microban protection to prevent stains and bacteria-caused odors. 

  1. Semi-electric Bed

If you’re having trouble getting off the bed even with support, it might be time to get an electric bed. This model has a single motor, so the head and the foot structure can be raised and lowered simultaneously with easy-to-use single-hand control. It’s a quiet and smooth bed that runs efficiently. It can significantly reduce the risk of hip and back injury due to strain caused by getting up. 

  1. Elevated Toilet Frame

An elevated toilet frame provides you with a much more comfortable experience. The frame elevates the seat by 5" to make it easier for you to sit. The arms on the side let you raise and lower yourself with increased ease. The locking mechanism keeps the frame in place so it won't come loose. It’s sturdy enough to support a weight of 350 lbs, and it fits more toilet seats. 

  1. Shower seat

This wall-mounted shower seat will give you increased safety in the bathroom. It will significantly reduce the risk of injury and let you shower with maximum comfort. It’s made of sturdy ABS material that is waterproof, moisture-resistant, and acid-resistant. It’s sturdy enough to support a weight of 660 pounds. Its foldable design makes it a space-saving option that will fit perfectly in most apartments. 

  1. Transfer Bench

If you've had hip or knee surgery, a transfer bench can help you safely bathe in the bathtub without straining those areas. It's also beneficial for people with chronic pain in the hip and knee. 


Bath and home safety products are a great way to regain independence, reduce the risk of injury, and generally lead a safer home life. If you’re looking for the best bath and home safety products, you should check out our entire collection here

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