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The Best Knee Braces For Knee Injuries And Knee Pain

By Mike Erichsen December 21, 2022

Knee braces are supports that go around your knee. They're worn to relieve arthritis pain, support your knee during recovery, or even for extra cushion when playing sports. Knee braces help in recovery as well as stabilization to avoid the chances of future injuries. 

What are the types of knee braces? 

When you’re buying a knee brace, it is important to know the main types because each of them helps alleviate the pain from different knee injuries. Here are the main types of knee braces: 

Functional braces: A functional knee brace supports a knee that's been injured in the past. They reduce instability and control motion to prevent further injury. 

Rigid braces: A rigid knee brace is worn during contact supports to protect athletes from severe injuries. This is what you see Football lineman wearing during a football game.

Rehabilitative braces: A rehabilitative brace is worn after surgery to aid in the speedy recovery of the knee. It's also beneficial for knee repair post-injury.  

Unloader braces: An unloader brace is worn to alleviate the pain caused by osteoarthritis. 

What are the best knee braces for knee injuries? 

The medi protect Hinged Knee Brace provides relief from knee instability, weak or sore knees, and minor swelling and irritations associated with arthritic conditions. It features easy wrap around application, and medical grade neoprene for therapeutic compression and warmth. Available in 7 sizes for an easy fit. The hinged stabilizers provide excellent support and stability for anyone suffering from chronic knee pain and injuries.

Medi Essential Knee Brace provides knee stabilization to help you heal from sprain and excessive knee strain from chronic knee weakness. It's got a therapeutic warmth that helps in further aiding recovery. It’s made of a stretchable fabric to give you the right fit from all angles. It’s available in sizes up to 4XL.

The CEP Compression Knee Sleeve provides the knee stabilizing support needed to relieve pain, soreness, and fatigue from the source. Unlike other knee sleeves, the CEP Compression Knee Sleeve is designed with a medically-inspired anatomical fit that places the knee in a position to recover from injury while you train.

CEP’s Compression Knee Brace is designed to support and stabilize the knee joint for optimal relief and protection. Our sewn-in silicone patella ring massages the patella as you move to keep circulation at its best. The 3D anatomical design of the knee brace provides a customized fit for all - making it one of the best knee braces on the market. The unparalleled knee support offered by the CEP Compression Knee Brace is perfect for a mild knee injury or support during leisure and activity.

    The Genumedi Pro is an anatomically tailored knee support with polycentric-hinged uprights and an integrated silicone patella support ring. A specially designed inner support ring pocket helps to control and align the patella without putting direct downward pressure during knee flexion and extension.  Unique to the Genumedi Pro are the anti-migration silicone beaded stays and comfort zones which combine to produce compliance enhancing performance.

     The Medi M.4S Comfort Knee Brace is a rigid frame brace for post-operative recovery. It’s useful for rehabilitation after ligament surgery. It can aid in the recovery from ruptures of the cruciate ligament and collateral ligament ruptures. It can also help with solving instability issues in the knees. It limits the bending and flexing movement of the knee to protect you from harmful joint movements. 

    Conservative treatment after injury of the posterior cruciate ligament, Post-operative treatment after reconstruction of the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL). M.4s PCL Dynamic Knee Brace holds the tibia in the desired position by actively exerting a force via the PCL (Posterior Cruciate Ligament) protection pad. This protects and relieves tension on the posterior cruciate ligament. It is is very comfortable to wear because of the lightweight, flat construction and the comfortable non-slip pads. 


    A knee brace can be essential for helping your knees recover from injuries while keeping them safe from future injuries. When you’re buying a knee brace, it’s important to consider the material, fit, size, support, and type of knee brace best suited to your needs. We hope this list has helped you find the best knee brace for knee injuries. If you’d like to check out more options, you should check out our collection here.

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