Urinary Drain Bags

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SKU: DYND15203

Select: 20 Each-Case
Drain Type: Metal Clamp
Drain Bag Capacity ML: 2,000.00 ML
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• All drain bags have a reinforced hanger with built-in anti-kink drain tube guide and adjustable bed sheet clam
• Drain bags come with an option of an anti-reflux device:
• The anti-reflux tower provides anti-reflux protection without mechanical parts to hinder flow
• The anti-reflux device has a clear one way mylar valve for visualization of urine flow
• The anti-reflux valve flap system minimizes back flow into the drainage tube
  • Size in ML: 2,000.0 ML
  • Drain Type: Metal Clamp, Slide Tap
  • Drain Bag Capacity ML: 2,000.00 ML, 4,000.00 ML
  • Fabric Backing: No
  • Foley Insert Tag: No, Yes
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Package Type: O.R. Sterile, Perforated Pouch
  • Sample Access Port Type: Blunt Cannula, Luer Lock
  • Reflux Style: Anti Reflux Device, Anti Reflux Tower, Anti Reflux Valve
  • Sterility: O.R. Sterile, Sterile Fluid Pathway
  • Tubing: Yes


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