Ultrasorbs Air Permeable Drypad Underpads

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Backsheet Color: White
Size Dimensions: 36" X 31"
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• Helps prevent skin breakdown with a moisture trapping film that protects against leaks, resulting in less frequent full bed linen changes
• Draws in moisture, locks it away from the skin and feels dry to the touch in just minutes
• Advanced super-absorbent core with high performing absorbent polymer lies flat when wet without bunching, swelling or disintegrating
• Protects bedding and permits air flow with air-permeable cloth-like backsheet, suitable for low air loss mattress therapy
• Tough and durable with strong backsheet built for Q2 turning, boosting and repositioning protocols for patients up to 300 pounds
  • Backsheet Color: White
  • Size Dimensions: 16" X 10", 23" X 36", 24" X 18", 30" X 36", 36" X 23", 36" X 24", 36" X 30", 36" X 31", 40" X 25", 57" X 31", 57" X 36", 61" X 45", 91" X 61", 91" X 78"
  • Absorbency Level: Extra, Ultra
  • Absorbent Material: Advanced core, Super Absorbent Polymer, Thermo-Bonded Core
  • Inner Pack: Bulk Bag, Inner Pack
  • Material: Air Permeable, Cloth-like Breathable


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