SurePrep Skin Protectant Wipe

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Select: 1000 Each-Case
Applications and Size: Topical
Size Milliliters: 1.00 ML
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• Fast-drying skin protectant is vapor permeable and delivers protection from friction and incontinence
• Transparent barrier may be used on periwound, peristomal or areas that come in contact with bodily fluids
  • Applications and Size: Topical
  • Size Milliliters: 1.00 ML
  • Area of Application: All Over Body
  • Dressing Change Frequency/Use: Max: 3 Day: As Needed
  • Package Type: 1ML Satchet
  • Primary or Secondary Dressing: Skin Protectant
  • Product Function: Barrier
  • Wound Condition Type: Shallow/Deep, No-Mod Drainage


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