Skintegrity Hydrogel Impregnated Gauze Wound Dressing

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Applications and Size: 4" x 4"
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• Hydrogel-impregnated gauze dressings are ideal for filling and packing deep wounds to maintain an optimal moist wound healing environment
• Compression saturated into 12-ply gauze sponges, ensuring thorough coverage
• Contains aloe and glycerin to maintain viscosity
• Easily unfolded to conform to the contours of deep or tunneling wounds
  • Applications and Size: 2" x 2", 4" x 4"
  • Adhesive: No
  • Antimicrobial: No
  • Dressing Change Frequency/Use: Max: 3 Day: As Needed
  • Dressing Type: Hydrogel Impregnated Gauze
  • Length Inches: 2.00000 IN, 4.00000 IN
  • Material: Water/Glycerin/Aloe
  • Primary or Secondary Dressing: Primary
  • Product Category: Hydrogel
  • Width Inches: 2.0000 IN, 4.0000 IN
  • Wound Condition Type: Shallow/Deep, No Min Drainage


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