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Nebuliz - 5 Single-Dosage (5 ml) Sterile Solution Vials of Hypertonic Saline (Sodium Chloride) 7% and Sodium Hyaluronate with Hyaluronic Acid for Inhalation Therapy, Preservative-Free, for All Ages

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  • SOLUTION FOR IMPROVEMENT IN LUNG FUNCTION - this product combines hypertonic saline 7% with hyaluronic acid to produce a strong sterile solution that can be inhaled as a nebulized solution for people with bronchiolitis, bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis (CF) RSV and can help you experience instant relief; hyaluronic acid is a clear substance that is naturally produced by your body. its main function is to retain water and bring out moisture to keep your tissues well lubricated
  • BETTER TOGETHER - research results have shown that nebulized Saline Solution 7% + Sodium Hyaluronate together with hyaluronic acid was more effective in reducing the need for β(2) bronchodilators and caused a significant reduction in the incidence of adverse effects compared with nebulized hypertonic saline solution alone
  • TOLERABILITY - According to a randomized, controlled clinical trial, hyaluronic acid can improve the tolerability of hypertonic saline in the chronic treatment of cystic fibrosis patients; our hypertonic sterile saline 7% solution combined with hyaluronic acid is effective and safe plus it contains zero painkillers! Unlike medications such as antibiotics, hypertonic saline does not remain in your system, so the benefits of thinned mucus are temporary
  • VERSATILE & PRESERVATIVE-FREE - Nebuliz comes with 25 single-use pre-measured 5ml preservative and additive-free sterile saline vials per container; can be used with any nebulizer machine or system, for use as a diluent for inhalators and nasal hygiene devices and hand-held rubber bulb nebulizer
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We care about your health and stand by our high quality product; if Nebuliz doesn’t suit you for any reason, just let us know; we promise 100% satisfaction or your money back!

Part Number: 7290017847085

Details: With the proper use of Nebuliz with a nebulizer (which turns liquid medicine into a very fine mist that a person can inhale through a face mask or mouthpiece), the 7 % + HA Saline Solution with hyaluronic acid, in single-dosage, preservative-free format, acts to facilitate the movement of respiratory tract secretions, thereby improving breathing by: · Breaking the ionic bonds in the mucus gel, thus reducing the secretion’s level of viscosity and elasticity · Absorbing water from the mucosa and sub-mucosa and thereby reducing swelling from the respiratory tract walls · Inducing cough and sputum, which may help eliminate mucus from the bronchi, and thereby improve obstruction of the respiratory tract Nebuliz in inhalation therapy is indicated for all-age patients suffering from bronchiolitis, acute bronchitis, cystic fibrosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Instruction for use: Nebuliz is used in the form of inhalation through inhaling the solution sprayed by any jet or membrane nebulizer. Standard dosage, if not prescribed otherwise by the physician: 5 ml of the solution (1 vial) 2 times a day. You can start the treatment with the small dose and then gradually increase it. You should keep the nebulizer tube in your mouth during the whole inhalation therapy session (around 10 min) and breathe at a normal pace. If necessary, inhalation solution should be warmed up to room temperature. It is recommended to use a jet nebulizer to get the best results. Nebuliz is intended for inhalation only. We care about your health and stand by our high quality product; if Nebuliz doesn’t suit you for any reason, just let us know; we promise 100% satisfaction or your money back!


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