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Wound Care Supplies

Be sure to talk to your doctor about the type of dressing and care you need. 

Proper wound care requires in depth knowledge of the different types of wounds, like venous leg ulcers, or diabetic leg ulcers, that are caused by underlying conditions of the circulatory system (i.e. chronic venous insufficiency).

Acute injuries such as lacerations, cuts, scrapes, and punctures also require different care, at different stages of the healing process.

Foam dressings are soft, conformable, and hold a decent amount of fluid.

Super absorbent dressings, like the Advancis Eclypse Dressing, can hold large amounts of fluid for heavy exudating wounds. This is crucial for patients dealing with venous leg ulcers. 

You can go with Activon 100% Manuka Honey to help reduce odor, and eliminate bacteria (naturally).

Tegaderm transparent dressings help to seal wounds from the outside environment, while allowing visibility of healing progression. 

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