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The Best Wheelchairs for Permanent Use - Wasatch Medical Supply

By Mike Erichsen December 31, 2022

Independence in mobility is vital for many seniors and people with disabilities. It gives them freedom and a sense of accomplishment, keeping them confident while improving their quality of daily lives. And fortunately, mobility support devices like wheelchairs are available to give them the freedom to get around wherever and whenever they want. But how do you shop for the best wheelchairs for permanent use? There are dozens of models, varieties, and features to choose from. That’s not to mention picking between electric and manual.

Today, we’ll help narrow down your options. Whether you’re looking to buy a wheelchair online for yourself or a loved one, you will find our curated suggestions below beneficial. 

Best Electric Wheelchairs for Long-Term Use

Manual or powered wheelchairs? That’s one of the first questions you should ask yourself when shopping for a wheelchair. People with a temporary injury or less disability usually prefer manual wheelchairs. On the other hand, those with limited abilities or who require extra assistance when getting around may benefit from using an electric wheelchair daily.

So if you think a powered wheelchair is suitable for you or your loved one, here are some of the best electric wheelchairs for long-term or permanent use.

Vive Mobility Electric Wheelchair

The Vive Mobility electric wheelchair is designed to deliver superior comfort. It takes you on a smooth ride over indoor flooring and solid outdoor surfaces like concrete and pavement. It comes with a powerful motor that offers a top speed of 4mph and long-lasting batteries that allow you to drive 15 miles per charge. It also has a dual braking system to keep you safe. 

Sitting in this powered chair all day is convenient and comfortable. The chair is adjustable and features a cushioned captain’s seat that swivels to help you enter or exit easily. 

Vive Mobility Foldable Power Wheelchair

With Vive Mobility Foldable Power Wheelchair’s powerful motors, solid tires, and shock absorbers, you can smoothly navigate over concrete, carpeting, grass, gravel, and other hard surfaces. Plus, it features a lightweight frame & foldable design! It can be folded in seconds, making it the ideal power wheelchair for long-term use, especially if you travel a lot. 

Additionally, it has a 17.5-inch wide seat that is generously padded for optimal comfort. The chair includes an adjustable safety belt and other incredible features like a charging port. 

Jazzy® Elite HD Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair

The Jazzy® Elite HD Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair is the ultimate heavy-duty electric wheelchair, making it perfect for permanent or long-term use. It rides smoothly on various terrains and offers plenty of finesse when navigating tight corners. It also has bigger-than-average tires & anti-tip wheels to make your daily rides convenient and safe. 

Best of all, the Jazzy® Elite HD has a maximum weight capacity of 450 lbs. And it is designed with optimal weight distribution to ensure excellent traction on every ride. 

Best Manual Wheelchairs for Permanent Use

Do you prefer a manual wheelchair over the powered one due to budget reasons? Or are you looking to gift a manual wheelchair to a loved one with limited mobility? You will likely find a suitable one from our wide selection of manual wheelchairs. But to help you decide, here are some of our best manual wheelchairs for permanent use. 

McKesson Standard 18-inch Wheelchair with Swing-away Elevating Leg Rests 

The McKesson Standard 18-inch manual wheelchair comes with urethane tires to provide durability and ensure a smooth ride over hard surfaces. It has push-to-lock wheel brakes for added safety and security. It also comes with a steel frame complete with a textured finish for easy maintenance and great visual appeal. But what sets this wheelchair apart is its swing-away elevating leg rests and detachable desk arms. These features make the wheelchair easier to enter and exit, making it a great option for those with limited mobility.

Traveler L4 Lightweight Chair 

If you or a loved one goes on a trip a lot, this Traveler L4 is the perfect wheelchair to use. Weighing less than 34 lbs, this manual wheelchair features a dual-position axle, height-adjustable seat, multi-position caster forks, precision bearings, and non-marking tires. It also features flip-back armrests for convenient lateral movement. And since it’s a lightweight yet high-strength wheelchair, it can be easily packed in cars or for air travel. 

Medline Excel Reclining Wheelchair

Need a manual wheelchair that can recline fully for optimal comfort or easy entry? Get the Medline Excel Reclining Wheelchair. The chair reclines from 90° to 140° using quickly adjustable handles. It provides full back and head support and comes with a removable headrest. And it comes with anti-tippers, swing-away elevating leg rests, and removable armrests, making the chair suitable for people with different levels of mobility support. 

Additionally, this manual reclining wheelchair comes with durable vinyl upholstery. The carbon steel frame is even chrome-plated. So it is easy to clean and maintain.

Bariatric Wheelchair McKesson 22

Designed specifically for bariatric patients, this heavy-duty 22-inch manual wheelchair from McKesson has increased height and width capacities. It is equipped with swing-away footrests and detachable armrests, making it easy for a bariatric patient to sit and stand up from the chair. Also, the chair’s durable carbon steel frame comes with a triple-coated chrome finish, so it’s chip-resistant, easy to maintain, and attractive. Give the McKesson 22 to a bariatric patient to help them get around and be more independent for a long time. 

Medline Kidz Pediatric Wheelchair

Looking for a perfect manual wheelchair for your kid or niece? Consider Medline Kidz Pediatric Wheelchair. It features kid-friendly detailing and treaded tires for safe riding. The vinyl upholstery is padded and easy to clean. It has swing-back desk-length arms, detachable elevating leg rests, and adjustable telescoping handles to ensure caregiver comfort. The seat is also height-adjustable, making it a good option for a growing kid. 

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