medi protect Pro Action Back Support

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Stabilizes the lumbar spine with supporting elements and tension straps
Comfortable to wear thanks to elastic and breathable material

Degenerative disc disease

How does it work?/Mode of action
Abdominal compression flattens the lumbar lordosis
Tension straps exert variable pressure to provide additional stability

Donning/fitting instructions
Before putting on the orthosis, please loosen the straps so that it can be put on without pulling. Wrap the orthosis around your abdomen and make sure it it positioned on the centre of your back.
Afterwards, place the left lock side on your stomach and then pull the right lock side far enough over the left side that it is possible to fasten.
Now, pull both tension bands forward at the same time. You can adjust the tightness to suit your own requirements and manage your pain levels.
First, fasten the left tension band and then the right.
The orthosis is on properly when the lower fastener edge is just above the groin.


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