medi protect Achi Achilles Support

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Anatomically shaped pads stabilize and massage the Achilles Tendon
Soft, breathable fibers feel nice against the skin
Medical grade compression controls swelling and aids recovery
Seamless construction prevents irritation and pressure points
Anatomical fit provides all day wearing comfort

Acute and chronic inflammation of the Achilles tendon
Post-traumatic and post-operative inflammation

How does it work?/Mode of action
Stabilization of the joint
Reduction of swellings and effusions due to the massage effect exerted by the interaction between the compressive knit and the pads

Donning/fitting instructions
Grasp the support at the level of the pad and pull this over the foot until the heel section is sitting properly.
Pull the support up if necessary. If necessary, correct the position of the pad so that the tendon is palpably embedded in the gap in the pad.
Please note that the support should be fitted for the first time as instructed by trained specialists.


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